Magento Developer Certification Preparation Study Group

Session Nine

Andreas Mautz || @mautz_et_tong

webvisum GmbH




  • Andreas Mautz
  • programmiert seit 16 Jahren
  • macht magento seit 2008
  • beschäftigt sich mit Deployment-Prozessen, Entwicklungsinfrastrukturen und Wissensmanagement seit 2011
  • Vorbereitung Zertifizierung
  • Lehren und Lernen Stoff zusammenzufassen




Was machen wir denn heute Schönes?

  • Checkout
  • neue Aufgaben II
  • Sonstiges

Checkout | Overview

  • Komponenten
  • Multishipping

Checkout | Komponenten

  • Quote Object
  • Quote Item Object
  • Address Object

Checkout | Komponenten

  • Total Model

Checkout | Multishipping

  • Erweiterung des Multishippings
  • Grenzen des Multishippings

Hausaufgaben zum nächsten Mal I

  • Modify the Onepage-Checkout to skip the shipping step, if only one shipping option is available.
  • Implement a module to do total adjustments based on the selected payment option (for example, +4% for credit card payments). Base the adjustment on the quote subtotal. Display the adjustment amount for each payment method beside each method on the select payment step. Implement a complete set of total models to display and add the surcharge. Make sure the additional cost is displayed during checkout, in the frontend order history, in the admin order view, in the admin invoice view, and in the admin printable PDFs.

Hausaufgaben zum nächsten Mal II

  • Add additional custom product options as labels to quote items on the fly when specific products are added to the cart. Make them work with reorders.

Hausaufgaben zum nächsten Mal III

  • Create gift functionality: A merchant can mark a product to be added as a gift if some condition is satisfied. For example a condition can be purchasing some other product, or a certain amount of other products. Even though the marked product is added as a free gift, the same product should still be available on the frontend for regular purchase. The tasks are:
    1. Automatically add the gift with a price of zero to the cart.
    2. Check for consistency (you can’t have the gift if the condition isn’t satisfied, no more than one gift, and so on).
    3. Process the scenario where, in addition to the gift, there is also another item of the gift product added to the cart.

Hausaufgaben zum nächsten Mal IV

  • Add a new attribute to a product; for example, supplier_sku. Pass this attribute to the order. Make sure the attribute is copied to the quote items and to order items. Customize the review step of the checkout and display the new attribute there.
  • Implement a custom restriction for certain products during checkout. For example, customers whose billing or shipping address is on a blacklist (or whose country is not supported) won’t be able to order this item.
  • Implement the possibility of a discount on the order total when shipping to a specific region. Implement this by registering your own total model. Check that the discount also works in case of an admin order.


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