Magento Developer Certification Preparation Study Group

Session Seven

Andreas Mautz || @mautz_et_tong

webvisum GmbH




  • Andreas Mautz
  • programmiert seit 16 Jahren
  • macht magento seit 2008
  • beschäftigt sich mit Deployment-Prozessen, Entwicklungsinfrastrukturen und Wissensmanagement seit 2011
  • Vorbereitung Zertifizierung
  • Lehren und Lernen Stoff zusammenzufassen




Was machen wir denn heute Schönes?

  • Hausaufgaben besprechen
  • Adminhtml
  • neue Aufgaben
  • Pizza
  • Catalog
  • neue Aufgaben II
  • Sonstiges



  • Catalog
  • neue Aufgaben II
  • Sonstiges
  • Pizza
  • Hausaufgaben besprechen

Catalog | Overview

  • Product types
  • Price generation
  • Catalog structure
  • Price Rules
  • Other skills

Catalog | Product types

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • Configurable
  • Virtual
  • Bundle

Catalog | Price generation

  • Basics
  • $finalPrice = $product->getPrice();
    $finalPrice = $this->_applyTierPrice($product, $qty, $finalPrice);
    $finalPrice = $this->_applySpecialPrice($product, $finalPrice);
  • Modify and adjust (Price Model)

Catalog | Catalog structure

  • Category Tree
  • Attributes

Catalog | Price Rules

  • Conditions
  • Modifications
  • Customers

Catalog | Other Skills

  • Flat vs. EAV
  • Tax rules
  • Filter navigation
  • Indexes
  • Product Options

neue Hausaufgaben!

für Session 8:

Rewrite the catalog search full-text indexer to include product tags.

Create a custom indexer with a custom index for comment to category associations. This index contains references to all the comments associated with a specific category detail page. You might want to add a category_id attribute to the comment entities for this.

Integrate the comment indexer into the adminhtml indexer interface.

Make the comment indexer process individual entity updates immediately (if not set to manual).

Set the indexer status to “requires reindex” whenever a comment on the frontend is edited, and update automatically whenever a category is edited in the admin area.

Create an action controller action method that adds a configurable product to the cart using a default set of options (single click add-to-cart for configurable products).

Create a product type that lets the customer specify the price he wants pay when adding such a product to the cart, and use that price during checkout. Use the standard product price attribute as a suggested price for the product


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